Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Attack Book

When wizards go to war they do so with many weapons, both covert and overt. One such tool of infiltration and sabotage is the Attack Book.

To construct an Attack Book, the wizard must first spend one year cursing his adversary by reciting his name at the crack of dawn and spitting into a bucket. When this bucket of spittle is collected it is mixed with crushed beetle shells to form an ink. For each level of his nemesis the wizard must write one section (16 pages) of refutations of his opponent's philosophy and theorems for the book. It is then bound using troll leather.

When an Attack Book is inserted into its target's library, it immediately reduces its value for research purposes by 1000sp. The Attack Book begins to usurp neighbouring books, subtly corrupting their information content so that they are misleading, fallacious or otherwise worse than useless. The target wizard may seek for answers to his growing confusion by rummaging deeper and deeper into his library, bringing out ever older tomes and exposing them to the corruption of the Attack Book. The Attack Book continues to reduce the value of the library by 500sp per month.

When the library has been reduced to worthlessness, the Attack Book and its slaves will assault the target wizard, launching into the air and buffeting him with their spines and folds. After they have killed their target, Attack Books return to the shelves or stacks from which they came; they will instinctively attack any magic user other than their creator. Once he has died they will attack any sentient creature that attempts to open a book in their presence.

A swarm led by an Attack Book has the following stats:
No. appearing =
HD: 1 per 500sp original value of the library

Attacks: Everyone in a 10' area
Special Defenses: Regenerates d6 HP/round - suffer double damage from fire
Treasure: d6 random level Wizard scrolls spontaneously generated by the process of textual corruption; small trinkets as per the original Wizards' library.

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