Saturday, 16 January 2016


We took the buggle to a board game club today. Not to show her off or anything, it's just illegal to leave them chained up to a bike rack until they're at least seven and know all the words to 'Mr Blue Skies' by ELO. Amazing stuff they cover in prenatal classes now.

We made it through a game of Takenoko (a game about the futility of human endeavour in the face of the natural world, or perhaps a coded message about Chinese foreign policy) before she started to grizzle, so I wheeled the pushchair into the board game cupboard and started showing her the bright, primary coloured box covers.

'Look, it's Vasco De Maya! It's a game about a man who likes pointing at things. He's got a strong look. Hasn't he? Aren't puffed sleeves a strong look? And that beard, he's really pulling it off. I earnestly distrust that priest, though. He is not presenting positively.

'Oooh! Ora et Labora! The game of competitive monk farming! Can you see the monastery? Can you see the Trappist beer? Look at the monk's tonsure!.

'A German edition of Augustus, yes. Look at him on the cover. That's a Roman Emperor. The second Emperor, daddy's pretty sure. He may have the coiffeur of a used car salesman, but he was one of the saner Roman rulers. Except for the low level incest. He's playing bingo.

'And this is... Oh wow, this is a really early edition of Hive. This thing is made of wood. And stickers. Did they get this at the Essen trade fair or something? Wow. Wow.'

I've taken to calling game pieces 'Sweeties' because it's not like we can convince her they're anything else.

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