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All the Necromunda Suitable Terrain I Can Think Of

So the new edition of Necromunda doesn't come with 3d terrain in the box, which isn't what everyone wants from it. I spend a lot of time obsessing over different lines of wargames scenery, so I'm writing up all the ones I can remember in case that's useful.

I've separated lines by material, and indicated where the company that produces them is based. If a line is roughly compatible with either the classic Necromunda 3" square bulkheads or the new Sector Mechanicus 5" tall walkways, I've indicated that as well. I've excluded lines which are purely small-scale detail pieces, as I would be here until judgment day listing all the suppliers of resin accessories. Most publishers have several lines, not all of which will be strictly "Necromunda-esque"

If you know of any that I've missed, let me know!

Injection-molded styrene

Games Workshop

UK with international distribution. Sector Mechanicus line is modular. But you knew about them already.

Mantic Games Battlezones

UK with international distribution. Based around 3" squares connected by tabs. Industrial sci-fi theme. Extremely cubic.


Russian-made; distributed in the West by Pegasus Hobbies as Hexagon, Chemical Plant, Syberclicks. People may know it as "the Robogear scenery" as it was a pack in with the Airfix-distributed Robogear game. In theory you can buy the sprues in bulk direct from Tehnolog (and the line is slightly more extensive than is distributed in the west) but none of their affiliate sites seem to have an e-commerce portal.

Maelstrom's Edge

US based. Mostly a miniatures maker. They make a "terrain accessories" sprue which is explicitly designed to be added to scratch-built terrain to make it look like sci-fi buildings, and their blog has great examples of things to do with it

Amera plastic mouldings

UK based. Vacuum formed plastic. Super, super cheap, super basic. Great way to bulk out your board with light, cheap stuff.

Maki games

 European, modular plastic kits for making "space dungeon" (think: Space Hulk) and sci-fi buildings.


Battle Systems 

UK based. Dye-punched, colour-printed cardboard, connected with plastic tabs. Themes include shanty-town, high, low and gothic sci-fi.


US based. Fantasy-themed, but might be suitable. Dye-punched, colour-printed cardboard, connected with plastic tabs. Supply may be shakey as the producer, WorldWorks, seem not to be making any new products.


Spanish, international distribution. Dye-punched, colour-printed, thin card. Folds together (benefits from gluing and, potentially, weighting). The pack-in terrain that comes with Infinity's starter sets is sold separately, very cheap.

Lasercut / CNC milled


Spanish, Lasercut MDF, main feature - walls for zone mortalis, and risers that lift up zone mortalis tiles.


EU (Spanish?). Lasercut PVC. Lots of ranges, from steam fantasy to Samurai to Anime, and items from basic "fillers" to detailed centerpieces. Pre-coloured.

Bandua wargames

Lasercut MDF and acrylic. Sci-fi ranges and pre-coloured ranges.

Promethium Forge

US based, Lasercut MDF. Very similar to classic Necromunda bulkheads.


UK based. Lasercut MDF. Variety of ranges including industrial Sci-fi.

Sarissa Precision

UK based. Lasercut MDF. Variety of ranges including a range of Sci-fi gantries.


Uk based, Lasercut MDF. Currently working on a gorgeous set of Zone Mortalis walls.

Knights of Dice

Australia based, distributed in UK by Shiny Games. Lasercut MDF. Really detailed Neo-tokyo style range, and post-apoc American-urban range.

RedBeam Designs

UK based. Lasercut MDF. Several lines, including Dark Assembly (compatible with Sector Mechanicus) and Complex Red (budget, styled on classic cardboard Necromunda terrain.)

MicroArt Studios

Poland based, widely distributed (they were the first to the game producing Infinity terrain). Lasercut MDF; mostly sci-fi urban, and victorian sci-fi. Sci-fi vehicles. Also produce Hardfoam stuff - the stacked boxes are a good hill alternative for an urban setting.

Zen Terrain

Poland based,  Lasercut MDF, urban sci-fi and vehicles.


US based, well established. Lasercut MDF. Urban and Arabic sci-fi, plus a small range of post-apoc scifi.

Dark Ops

UK based, newcomer. Lasercut MDF. Variety of (small) ranges with sci-fi themes.

Warworld Gaming

UK based, Lasercut MDF. Basic Necromunda-y line. One kit based on the classic GW bastion model!


UK based, well established. Lasercut MDF. Urban and military sci-fi. Extensive ranges. They also make some totally sweet resin mechs.

Fantasy Arc

US based, Lasercut MDF. The best damn space-ship tunnels I've ever seen, and sci-fi trains.

Burn in designs

US based, Lasercut MDF. Several different ranges.


Lasercut - seems to be printed aluminium. Sci-fi spaceship tunnels.

BP Laser

Lasercut MDF. US based. Variety of lines including sci-fi spaceship tunnels, urban sci-fi, ruins, vehicles and more.


EU based. Lasercut MDF. Mostly sci-fi urban.

Impudent Mortal

US based. Lasercut MDF. Industrial and rusty sci-fi lines.

Miniature Scenery

Australia based, CNC MDF. Several sci-fi lines including some amazing sci-fi vehicles.


European (Polish?) Lasercut MDF. "Ork" (ie shabby, bolted together metal) themed buildings.


UK based, Lasercut MDF. Variety of ranges, the Industrial Hive range is classic Necromunda.

PWork Wargames

European? Mostly make game mats, but also have a range of lasercut MDF and PDFs.

Wargames Tournaments 

UK based, Lasercut MDF. Budget focused. Do a Necromunda-esque line.

Lasercut Card

South Africa based. Lasercut card. Industrial theme. Cheaper than MDF.

Jackal Designs

Australian. Lasercut MDF. Urban scifi. 

Cast Resin

Fogou models

UK based. Post-apoc Shanty buildings.


US based. Super-broad ranges - they've been around for decades soaking up other people's oop moulds.

Tabletop scenics

European? Totally fantasy, not in the least Necromunda themed, but totally beautiful.

Ainsty Castings

UK based. Lots of accessories, huge variety of different ranges.

Miniature Building Authority

US based, mostly "historical" but includes a shanty-town line.



Print, cut and stick modular system - uses foamboard to create base plates base plates. Pretty damn cool stuff, but lots of work. Several sci-fi lines.

Dave Graffam

Print cut and stick cardboard models. Several sci-fi kits.


There are loads of kids toy kits that make great terrain with a bit of work.
Multi-story garage

Resources compiled by someone else!

Project Necromunda

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